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Servicing Most Makes and Models of Engines and Equipment


At Cole's Mowers and Power Equipment Services we offer a series of solutions to the most common and the most difficult challenges our clients can face when dealing with small engines and power equipment troubles. 

From oil changes and blade sharpening services to engine and transmission system repairs, Cole's Mowers has a solution for each piece of equipment. Our dedicated technician and assistants work diligently to restore each customer's unit to proper operating condition using the highest quality OEM and Aftermarket parts and the latest in modern service practices, as well as drawing on more than 3 decades of experience to make sure no details are overlooked.

Operating Hours:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM​

1 850-619-3133

307 N Kellie Ave, 

Kirbyville, TX  75956

About Us

Curtis Cole, his wife Erin, and their 11 children have lived in Kirbyville, TX for several years now and operate a small homestead and home-school their children from their century old home in one of the town's oldest neighborhoods.

Curtis has been a professional Small Engine and Automotive technician for over 20 years. He received both his Briggs & Stratton Master Service Technician Certification and ASE Master Automobile Service Technician Certification at age 18 shortly after graduating High School and has been continuously employed in the industry since the year 2000 at age 16 and began repairing small engines at the age of 8 in his home workshop. He is a Graduate of J.M. Tate High School class of 2002 and Graduated Pensacola State College in 2005 with an Associates Degree in Automotive Business Management.



Our Services

​- Pickup and Delivery Services

- On-Site Maintenance and Repair

- Gasoline & Electric Technician

- Advanced Troubleshooting 

- Tune - ups

- Oil Changes

- Tires

- Electrical and Hydraulic Repairs

- Two-Stroke and Four Stroke Engines

- Steering and Transmissions

- Mower Deck Repair and Leveling

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