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Cole's Mowers and Equipment Repair Services is a full service shop equipped to complete a full spectrum of fixes on almost every brand and model of machine you can imagine.




No matter the basis of a fault in your equipment we can diagnose and repair most mechanical systems in power equipment. Drive belts, Spindles, Deck issues, Transmission Failures and Steering concerns can all be addressed in our workshop.




Decades of diagnosing and repairing electrical problems in power equipment and modern day state of the art automobiles means we can sort out and quickly demystify almost any electrical issues that keep machines from starting and running or performing other essential electronic functions.

In addition to ignition system issues and charging quandaries, Cole's Mowers will also be happy to help service the fully electric mowers offered by many manufacturers now.




The modern air-cooled engine is a man made mechanism and will eventual require some form of repair. We can repair many generations of small engines and can get to the bottom of leaks, noises and smoke when such needs arise.




Gasoline isn't what it used to be, from ethanol blends to humidity and plain old time, allowing fuel to sit up long enough in a machine is a sure bet for trouble. We can clean or replace carbs, drain fouled fuel from tanks, and replace lines and filters. 




In addition to riding mowers and stationary equipment we also service many brands of handheld equipment and small walk behind mowers with 2-stroke or 4 stroke engines.

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