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At Cole's Mowers we perform on-site and in shop maintenance and repairs. We can set up convenient home visits to change fluids and blades, swap batteries and filters, lubricate bearings and perform basic repairs without you having to leave home. By performing manufacturer's recommended services, you can keep your mower or equipment working harder for longer. 

We can provide all manufacturer recommended oil and filter services for most makes and models of equipment. We strive to use the highest quality oils and filters and will use factory spec high grade filters or OEM parts whenever possible.




The grasses and sandy soils in East Texas are relentless on mower blades. Having properly balanced blades with sharp cutting edges reduces the amount of wear and tear on mower decks. We can sharpen and re-balance most blades when feasible, or we can install new blades selected to provide the best grass cutting performance.  While removing mower blades we will grease spindles and tensioners whenever possible



Seasonal Services for many mowers include a fresh battery and a periodic adjustment to engine valve lash to ensure proper operation of the compression release systems that ensure smooth starting. The electric start systems on many brands of engines can be damaged by overloading from improper valve adjustments and unnecessary replacement of batteries, starters and solenoids take place due to this oversight. 

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